Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Preparations for Marikina Party Building Seminar Using EGovernance

Virtual office is one of the latest concepts today in modern management. It maximizes the use of internet, cell phones and other electronic gadgets in administration. The MCF team uses this modern management concept in managing the affairs of the Marikina City Hall.

Toti Dulay received a text from MCF: "whats d latest on our project?". Toti texted the concerned members of the team and responded to MCF: "Mayor, good pm.Aurma promised to finished her part by next week. Melvin already sent his part- party papers, participants, venue and date to Dean Gonzalez. I forwarded Aurma's cell to Deanna so she could coordinate closely with Aurma re: module".

The MCF Team came up with this proposal which was sent in the team's internet loop:

Tentative Dates: September 11 to 12, 2007
Proposed Venue: Hotel Stotsenberg, Clarkfield, Pampanga

Proposed Participants:

1. Mayor Marides Fernando
2. Cong. Del de Guzman
3. Cong. Marcy Teodoro
4. Vice Mayor Marion Andres
5. Coun. Donn Favis
6. Coun. Efren de Guzman
7. Coun. Bong Ubaldo
8. Coun. Felipe Urrutia
9. B/Capt Ben Cruz
10. City Administrator Melvin Cruz
11. Centex Directress Julie Borje
12. Gen. Services Officer Ryan Salvador
13. City Planning Officer Jun Aguilar
14. Romulo Cruz - Chief of Staff, Vice Mayor's Office

Representatives from the Educ. Sector:
15. Mr. Larry De Guzman
16. Dr. Erico Habijan

Representatives from the Bus. Sector:

17. Mr. Ed Francisco - Pres, Mkna Chamber of Commerce
18. Mr. Pe Benito Ong - Pres, Banker's Association of Mkna

Representatives from the Youth Sector:

19. Mr. Emerson Briones
20. Mr. Siegfred Ancheta

And so, the next step is for Aurma to send to us the seminar module and some confiliation of party papers, as the talking points in the seminar.

Indeed, MCF Team really works. As Mayor Maria Lourdes Carlos Fernando says: "Let's work hard, work well, and work together."

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