Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mayor Marides Fernando is a Contender for World Mayor 2008

Citizens all over the world took part for the first round of the 2008 World Mayor contest. Out of 100,000 voters nominated a total of 820 mayors for this year, but only 50 had drawn up for the final listing of this contest based on the number of nominations and the persuasiveness of supporting statements. The World Mayor Project was first carried out in 2004. As in previous years, the 2008 contest seeks out mayors who have the vision, passion and skills to make their cities amazing places in which to live and work - and visit. The World Mayor Project aims to show what outstanding mayors can achieve, and thus raise their profile. It honors those who have both served their communities well and contributed to the well being of the cities nationally and internationally. It examines how city mayors, and others governing metropolitan areas, develop innovative solutions to long-standing urban problems such as housing, transport, education and employment, but also how they meet the latest environmental, technological, social and security challenges, which affect the well-being of their citizens.
Some of the finalist for this year’s World Mayor Title is from the world’s best-known and largest cities, while others represent smaller communities.

One of the nominees for this title was our Mayor Ma. Lourdes Fernando. MCF is one of the 50 Mayors in the final round. She is the only one from the Philippines, making her the best hope for the country to win this award. She is fitted against mayors of the leading cites in the world. Three are finalist from Africa which include the mayor of Johannesburg, 10 from North America including the Mayor of Los Angeles, 11 from Latin America which include the Mayor of Havana, 11 are the finalists from Asia which include MCF and the Mayor of Yokohama Japan and 16 from Europe which include the Mayor of Zurich Switzerland. She was judge according to her achievements being elected as the mayor of Marikina in 2001 and re-elected in 2004 and 2007. The progress of shoe industry and its competitiveness. Showing the world how great Filipino are in terms of leadership, values and performance.

The next portion of the competition is internet voting which will end at the end of June. People all over the world are invited to choose, from the list of 50 finalists’ mayor(s) whom one believes most worthy of the title World Mayor 2008 by commenting on their achievements but also, if one wishes, on their shortcomings. Comments should be in English, on why the mayor(s) you voted for deserve to win the World Mayor Award. Votes can be cast your on
This international competition is tough but Mayor MCF has a fighting chance based on her achievements. The result will be announced on September.