Tuesday, September 4, 2007

In Marikina, Organizations Pursue the City Efforts, here is an example......

"The true value of sports is more than the skills that young people learn. It's in the sports' ability to strenghten the fabric of our neighborhood and contribute to a healthier and safer community." Mayor Marides Fernando.

And so, Marist School President Brod. Paterno S. Corpus, who works with the city hall on youth employment and Marist PTA President Prof. Toti Dulay who is a consultant of Mayor MCF, is planning to coordinate sports efforts of the school with the Marist PTA, Marist Alumni and the City Hall. The son of Prof. Dulay is a basketball varsity player of the school, while the son of Atty. Caalim and Atty. Lindo is with the football team.

Because Marikina has the e - culture, the Marist PTA set up an e - group and wishes to invite all interested Marist parents and students into the loop:

Yahoo has this to say to the MSPTA:

Your maristpta group at Yahoo! Groups is good to go.Here are the details on maristpta:Group home page: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/maristpta
Group email address: maristpta@yahoogroups.com

Ready to start? Get the ball rolling by posting the very first group message. Then add photos,create an event, or whatever. In short, make yourself at home in your new group.Simply drop by the maristpta homepage now. To keep the online conversation moving, be sure to invite friends, family, and others who share your passion.You can also check out Moderator Central to get the latest news, information,and services for moderators:http://us.rd.yahoo.com/evt=42511/*http://moderators.groups.yahoo.com/

Thanks,Yahoo! Groups

The E - Group home page has this to say:

This is the e - group of the Marist School Parents - Teachers' Association, Inc. (MSPTA) with permanent office address at the Marist School Compound located at Champagnat Avenue, Marikina Heights, Marikina, Metro Manila, Philippines.

Although this was started by the Marist School PTA Board SY 2007-2009, it is hope that the future board will just continue this (and not create another one) for the advantage of continuity of organizational knowledge and continuation of a tradition. It is suggested that all officers and committee chairmen should know how to use the FILE section of this e -group because we will require each officer to store their official communications and important data on those files so that the present and future officers of MSPTA will have historical data to benchmark with. Also, it will relay a message that we MSPTA officers want to share information openly to all parents and students, past and present alike, anywhere in the world.

Let us wish those who started this e - group good luck on their pioneering act:

School President and
MSPTA ex -officio Board Member-Bro. Paterno S. Corpus, FMS;

MSPTA President Prof. Sofronio "Toti" Dulay, PGK;
MSPTA Vice - President Dr. Jonathan Iledan, Marist School Alumnus;
MSPTA Secretary Restie R. Concepcion, Marist School Alumnus;
MSPTA Treasurer Atty. Mercedes V.Lindo;
MSPTA Auditor Atty. Teresita Ll Caalim;
MSPTA P.R.O. Nora G.Francisco;
MSPTA Assistant Secretary and Board Member Elaine H.Santos;
MSPTA Board Members and Officers of Marist Faculty Clubs Necy Yator, Luz A. Jaban, Romy Estante and Lany Lambinicio.

The elected Year Level and Section Presidents for the year 2007 and later 2008 are officially recognized as officers of MSPTA.

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