Sunday, August 26, 2007

Pag "Ginugel" ko Ba Pangalan Mo, May Lalabas?

Dati, pag nagbida na si Senyong sa lamyaan, ok na. Ngayon iba na. Sa email loop nina MCF, Toti, Melvin at Dennis, they are talking of e-governance as if they are in lamyaan. Rep. Marcy Teodoro's bills are about requiring computer subjects in schools and raiding of cyber sex dens. The Marikina City Hall has just connected all barangays in Marikina to the city hall through the internet and to the world wide web. The Marikina Valley Assembly of the Knights of Columbus are coordinating and exchanging jokes in their Yahoo E Group.... kulang na lang mag Y! M, Multiply at Friendster sina Raymond Senga, Lindo Villamor at Toti Dulay. (One thing good eh hindi naman nag do Dota ang mga ito) .The running jokes among barangay Kagawads in Marikina Heights is: "prendster ko si Mayor, pare". (Take note, "ferpectionist" talaga tayong Marikeno sa pronounciation). The "Monte Vista 14 Summit" are coordinating closely thru the email and text. Wow! What is happening in Marikina?

Here is what....... "a new, contemporary culture has emerged, rejecting what is inferior, mediocre, slipshod, or vulgar. Marikina is clean,wholesome,civil and orderly because of this new culture." - Bayani Fernando

In fact, if you search in Google on some personalities in Marikina, you will get result. Let me show you my point: (just click them)

1. Lakan Dula
2. Bayani Fernando
3. Marides Fernando
4. Tala Fernando
5. Toti Dulay
6. Marikina Ideology
7. Marikina News
8. Del de Guzman
9. Dennis Gonzalez
10.Marcy Teodoro
11. Diosdado Macapagal
12. Melvin Cruz
13. Rudy Valentino
14. Deanna de Jesus
15. Aurma Manlangit
16. Nadeia Sarte
17. Carmelita Lorenzo
18. Serafin Quiason
19. Ben Cruz

Pare, paki type mo nga sa google yung pangalan mo, kung may lalabas?

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