Friday, August 17, 2007

Meeting in Ateneo Between Prof Dulay and Associate Dean Gonzalez

"Ceferino and Diosdado were contemporaries. Ceferino Dulay is known today as the 4th generation leader of the Dulay Clan of Marikina, while Diosdado Macapagal became the president of the Philippines. Of the two, Ceferino is younger. When Diosdado ran for president, Ceferino moved around the known settlements of Lakan Dula descendants. He spent time with then Mayor Eleuterio Dulay, of Laoang, Northern Samar to make sure that Diosdado will win in Samar Island. When Diosdado won, he placed Ceferino in a job in Manila City Hall, near his home in Tondo. Ceferino's tomb is later found in a chapel inside an old secret cemetery of now "Marikina Cathedral" , tightly guarded by the Dulay Clan members led by the 5th generation head of the clan, Sofronio l, past Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus Concepcion Council 7631, and the 6th generation head of the clan, Sofronio ll (fondly called Esdee). Like former mayor Bayani Fernando, Esdee is also a Sacristan of the "Marikina Cathedral". He is a basketball varsity player and honor student of an exclusive boy school, Marist. He wants to be a lawyer someday."

Mayor Marides Fernando texted Prof. Dulay:

"coordinate with Associate Dean Dennis Gonzalez re: our grassroots political program"

Prof. Dulay reply to the Mayor few days later:

"Update lang po. Bukas , may meeting kami ni Congressman Marcy Teodoro. Si Associate Dean Gonzalez, di pa sumasagot sa email ko. Di ko rin matyempuhan sa Ateneo landline at sa NTDB office nya. Kung alam ko lang bahay nya, sasaglitan ko na sya para ma acclimitize na sya sa grupo natin. Ganito rin papel ko nun kay Erap at Roco, taga kausap sa mga "taong madaling lapitan, mahirap hanapin, madaling kausapin, mahirap intindihin"

After several exchange of text , here is the Result:

An email to Mayor Marides Fernando from Prof. Dulay....

Dear Mayor MCF,

Attached is the minutes of our meeting with Associate Dean Dennis Gonzalez of Ateneo School of Governance this morning after my meeting with Cong Marcy.

Dean Gonzalez is proposing a meeting next week with you. I think your text about a meeting in your house I received while ago is about that meeting proposed by Dean Gonzalez? Maybe he will text you about it.

Regards to Chairman BF and Tala.

Minutes of the Meeting between Ateneo School of Governance Associate Dean Dennis Gonzalez and Prof. Toti Dulay, MCF Consultant

Venue: Center for Social Policy, Ateneo Campus, Katipunan
Date/Time: 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM, August 30, 2007
Agenda: MCF’s Request for Marikina’s Grassroots Political Program

Preliminary Discussion

The two talked about the conversation between MCF and Dean Gonzalez; Rep. Teodoro’s opinion on Kabayani; City Administrators Melvin Cruz concern on his role as City Administrator and Kabayani Secretary General; the emails related to the draft Kabayani Grassroot Political Program sent among MCF, Cruz, Dulay and Gonzalez and the text instruction by MCF to Prof.Dulay to coordinate with Dean Gonzalez on “Marikina’s Grassroot Political Program”.

Present Political Party System in the Country

The two are of the consensus that the present political party system is not ideal: personality based, parties are just shells of the successful and unsuccessful bids of some politicians (Ex. Lakas /Ramos, LPD/Mitra, etc.); party officers and members are not familiar with party programs; vehicle of patronage; tool for running for public office.

What a Political Party Should Be

It was pointed out that political party should be programmatic and not much of personality; with vision; members should adhere to the programs and political reforms; members and officers should be accountable to the party; party should be a venue to discuss policies, debates; and training ground for future leaders. It was noted that in developed countries, party members even pay party membership dues and raise logistics for the party.

Role of Ateneo

Ateneo as an institution is committed to extend assistance to effect the development of the party system in the country, as one of its contribution to nation building. It was noted that the Ateneo School of Governance, thru Sec. Butch Abad and then Dean Mila Abad, helped the Liberal Party in coming out with their party vision and program. It was also noted that PDP Laban used to conduct regular seminars is for their incoming members but it not being done now.

5. What do we do from here?

Associate Dean Gonzalez will try to request the Ateneo School of Governance Executive Education Director to draft a Marikina Grassroot Political Program as an offshoot of this meeting.

The program will be presented to Mayor MCF in a meeting to be scheduled next week. Dean Gonzalez and Prof Dulay will coordinate for the details of the proposed meeting.

Off hand, Associate Dean Gonzalez is talking of a “Kabayani Visioning Seminar” of the top 12 - 20 Kabayani party leaders which should include BF, MCF and Tala in attendance. The seminar is maybe for 1 to 3 days, maybe live in. The objective of the seminar is to draft the collective vision – mission and programs of Kabayani which will become the basic documents for party recruitment, orientation seminars and party management.

d. Dean Gonzalez said that he may put up a team of facilitators for this seminar.

Prepared by:

Prof. Toti Dulay, MCF Consultant
0918-5865344; 645-8425
#3 Isabelo Mendoza St., San Roque, Marikina City

Copy furnished:

Mayor MCF, Rep. Teodoro, City Administrator Cruz, Associate Dean Gonzalez


Anonymous said...

for me,it is not the right time to talk about who will be the next president of our country. We must focus on how to solve the problem facing our country. For me, anyone can be a candidate for president because it is not the problem as much as we, as a countrymen must be a good follower of all the rules or law in our country. Let us face our present problem now before we face the future problem.

Name: Jimbo M. Melendes
3rd Year Student Prov.Address:Ila. Iyam, Lucena
ONG Section
Under Prof."Toti"Dulay

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