Friday, August 17, 2007

Marikina Mayor's Executive Assistant Deanna De Jesus and Prof. Toti Dulay

".......river has always been part of the lives of Taga-ilogs (Tagalogs). It was also the same river where the descendants of Lakan Dula of Tondo sailed inward settle in a river bank opposite the Butiki Park now called Jesus de la Pena... to escape from Spanish prosecution of the native most of the civilizations of the world, most prominent clans of Marikina today traced their roots from the riverbanks.." And so, " the people have to touch and smell Marikina River's waters. It is hoped that this experience will galvanize them to muster enough political pressure for the government and the rest to act and conserve the river.----Bayani Fernando"

Amidst typoon Egay, a frantic exchange of calls and text messages between the two happened. Agenda: to distribute important documents to Associate Dean Dennis Gonzalez, Prof. Toti Dulay and Prof. Aurma Manlangit. Prof. Dulay is driving on his way to a birthday invitation in one of his leaders in Concepcion Dos when De Jesus requested for the cell and landline numbers of the Gonzalez and Manlangit.

Presumably, the documents were successfully delivered to the three because when Prof. Dulay arrived home in the evening, the documents are already in his study table.

The contents of the documents were as follows:

1. Konstitusyon ng Partido Kabayani
2. A Sample of Kabayani ID
3. Panata ng Isang Kabayani
4. Schedule of Activities
5. The Bagong Filipino Vision and Related Literatures
6. The Bagong Filipino Movement
7. Certificate of Incorporattion of Kabayani Movement
8. Articles of Incorporation of Kabayani Movement
9. Mahirap Maging Isang Bayani Advertising Copy
10. Si Ka Bayani Song


Anonymous said...

Dear Editor,
For the information of the public, Deanna is only an Assitant of Melvin Cruz and not MCF. Please visit KFC Concepcion. Its a nice place for the family.

Anonymous said...

ONLY an assistant to Melvin Cruz? ONLY? Melvin Cruz is the City Administrator...if only anonymous knows the exact function of the City Administrator, I am sure anonymous will not dare say "only"... and for the record I functioned as the MCF's assistant, maybe not in tittle but certainly in deed. :))

A delayed reply is always better than no response at all.