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Preparations for Marikina Party Building Seminar Using EGovernance

Virtual office is one of the latest concepts today in modern management. It maximizes the use of internet, cell phones and other electronic gadgets in administration. The MCF team uses this modern management concept in managing the affairs of the Marikina City Hall.

Toti Dulay received a text from MCF: "whats d latest on our project?". Toti texted the concerned members of the team and responded to MCF: "Mayor, good pm.Aurma promised to finished her part by next week. Melvin already sent his part- party papers, participants, venue and date to Dean Gonzalez. I forwarded Aurma's cell to Deanna so she could coordinate closely with Aurma re: module".

The MCF Team came up with this proposal which was sent in the team's internet loop:

Tentative Dates: September 11 to 12, 2007
Proposed Venue: Hotel Stotsenberg, Clarkfield, Pampanga

Proposed Participants:

1. Mayor Marides Fernando
2. Cong. Del de Guzman
3. Cong. Marcy Teodoro
4. Vice Mayor Marion Andres
5. Coun. Donn Favis
6. Coun. Efren de Guzman
7. Coun. Bong Ubaldo
8. Coun. Felipe Urrutia
9. B/Capt Ben Cruz
10. City Administrator Melvin Cruz
11. Centex Directress Julie Borje
12. Gen. Services Officer Ryan Salvador
13. City Planning Officer Jun Aguilar
14. Romulo Cruz - Chief of Staff, Vice Mayor's Office

Representatives from the Educ. Sector:
15. Mr. Larry De Guzman
16. Dr. Erico Habijan

Representatives from the Bus. Sector:

17. Mr. Ed Francisco - Pres, Mkna Chamber of Commerce
18. Mr. Pe Benito Ong - Pres, Banker's Association of Mkna

Representatives from the Youth Sector:

19. Mr. Emerson Briones
20. Mr. Siegfred Ancheta

And so, the next step is for Aurma to send to us the seminar module and some confiliation of party papers, as the talking points in the seminar.

Indeed, MCF Team really works. As Mayor Maria Lourdes Carlos Fernando says: "Let's work hard, work well, and work together."

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Pag "Ginugel" ko Ba Pangalan Mo, May Lalabas?

Dati, pag nagbida na si Senyong sa lamyaan, ok na. Ngayon iba na. Sa email loop nina MCF, Toti, Melvin at Dennis, they are talking of e-governance as if they are in lamyaan. Rep. Marcy Teodoro's bills are about requiring computer subjects in schools and raiding of cyber sex dens. The Marikina City Hall has just connected all barangays in Marikina to the city hall through the internet and to the world wide web. The Marikina Valley Assembly of the Knights of Columbus are coordinating and exchanging jokes in their Yahoo E Group.... kulang na lang mag Y! M, Multiply at Friendster sina Raymond Senga, Lindo Villamor at Toti Dulay. (One thing good eh hindi naman nag do Dota ang mga ito) .The running jokes among barangay Kagawads in Marikina Heights is: "prendster ko si Mayor, pare". (Take note, "ferpectionist" talaga tayong Marikeno sa pronounciation). The "Monte Vista 14 Summit" are coordinating closely thru the email and text. Wow! What is happening in Marikina?

Here is what....... "a new, contemporary culture has emerged, rejecting what is inferior, mediocre, slipshod, or vulgar. Marikina is clean,wholesome,civil and orderly because of this new culture." - Bayani Fernando

In fact, if you search in Google on some personalities in Marikina, you will get result. Let me show you my point: (just click them)

1. Lakan Dula
2. Bayani Fernando
3. Marides Fernando
4. Tala Fernando
5. Toti Dulay
6. Marikina Ideology
7. Marikina News
8. Del de Guzman
9. Dennis Gonzalez
10.Marcy Teodoro
11. Diosdado Macapagal
12. Melvin Cruz
13. Rudy Valentino
14. Deanna de Jesus
15. Aurma Manlangit
16. Nadeia Sarte
17. Carmelita Lorenzo
18. Serafin Quiason
19. Ben Cruz

Pare, paki type mo nga sa google yung pangalan mo, kung may lalabas?

Friday, August 17, 2007

Marikina Mayor's Executive Assistant Deanna De Jesus and Prof. Toti Dulay

".......river has always been part of the lives of Taga-ilogs (Tagalogs). It was also the same river where the descendants of Lakan Dula of Tondo sailed inward settle in a river bank opposite the Butiki Park now called Jesus de la Pena... to escape from Spanish prosecution of the native most of the civilizations of the world, most prominent clans of Marikina today traced their roots from the riverbanks.." And so, " the people have to touch and smell Marikina River's waters. It is hoped that this experience will galvanize them to muster enough political pressure for the government and the rest to act and conserve the river.----Bayani Fernando"

Amidst typoon Egay, a frantic exchange of calls and text messages between the two happened. Agenda: to distribute important documents to Associate Dean Dennis Gonzalez, Prof. Toti Dulay and Prof. Aurma Manlangit. Prof. Dulay is driving on his way to a birthday invitation in one of his leaders in Concepcion Dos when De Jesus requested for the cell and landline numbers of the Gonzalez and Manlangit.

Presumably, the documents were successfully delivered to the three because when Prof. Dulay arrived home in the evening, the documents are already in his study table.

The contents of the documents were as follows:

1. Konstitusyon ng Partido Kabayani
2. A Sample of Kabayani ID
3. Panata ng Isang Kabayani
4. Schedule of Activities
5. The Bagong Filipino Vision and Related Literatures
6. The Bagong Filipino Movement
7. Certificate of Incorporattion of Kabayani Movement
8. Articles of Incorporation of Kabayani Movement
9. Mahirap Maging Isang Bayani Advertising Copy
10. Si Ka Bayani Song

Friendly Exchange of Emails and Text Between Associate Dean Gonzalez and Prof.Toti Dulay Re: Marikina Ideology

The youngest son of Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez and a brother of a visayan congressman, he finished his doctorate abroad. He is the Associate Dean of Ateneo School of Government and the Chair of National Book Development Board. He lives in Loyola Grand Villas, "in the tumana side", he said. As Bayani Fernando once said, "Iba't ibang rehiyon, iba't ibang ugali, nagkakaisa sa lungsod ng Marikina"
It started with the text of Prof. Sofronio Dulay to Associate Dean Gonzalez:

"Dean Dennis, good pm. Naisip ko lang, maybe a way to harmonize yung ideas ng meeting kagabi is to have the "Marikina Ideology". That way, we use the term Marikina as suggested by Chairman Bayani Fernando, and "Kabayani" is one of the political arms of the ideology. Lahat pasok sa format, di ba? Maybe clear natin kay MCF at BF ito."

Associate Dean Gonzalez replied thru this email copy furnished Melvin Cruz:


Instead of the "Marikina Ideology," I suggest "The Marikina Way" (maybe
"Ang Paraang Marikina") as a short-hand expression of a great idea like "The
Marikina Way Is the Way Forward for the Nation." Then "Kabayani" (or a
new name) can be the political movement or party that practices and
promotes "The Marikina Way." If this initial attempt to bring together the elements of last night's discussion is acceptable to BF and MCF, then we still need an intensive
workshop of 20 key people to specify the three (3) or more core values
of The Marikina Way on which the core messages, priority program, and action
plan of the Kabayani movement can be built with the deep consensus of the key
people. We hope we can get documents on the Marikina Way and Kabayani soon.

Dennis Gonzalez

Prof. Dulay answered thru an email with his usual down - to - earth manner:

Dear Dean Dennis;

Ok na rin sa kin yung "Marikina Way", kaya naman I suggested "Marikina Ideology" para mas mukhang formal at intellectually appealling that will inspire curiousity even from the academe and in the search engines in the WWW. Marikina Way kasi mukhang light, parang Rotary Way ang dating, tsaka, baka may mga pilosopo dyan sabihin eh 'Markina Way" ?, "galing cubao sakay kang Calumpang".

'Marikina Ideology' can be comparable to Filipino ideology of Marcos or Communist ideology of Karl Marx. In advertising, the more the outrageous the name and concept, the more people talks about it.

Ideology because we can incorporate the ideas of Prof. Yap or the MDG's into it during the seminar.

Anyway, at least we have found now the framework:

The Conceptual Side - Marikina Way or Marikina Ideology, and

The Organizational Side - Kabayani, Philippine Patriotic Movement and all the other organizations who wants to "franchise" with the ideology or way. I realized now that the plan I made earlier was just the Organizational Side, it lacks the Conceptual Side.

Both sides have seperate growth paths which make it more flexible and have greater potential for growth.

And we could practice "credit back" advertising technique by crediting all the success of Marikina and the present programs of MMDA to "Marikina Ideology or Way".

Maganda sana if we could involve MCF or BF in this loop para we can develop some sort of "e-governance" among us and we dont have to meet in person more often. Of course, I like meeting with any member of our group in person but a loop like this makes the work more efficient. Attention Sir Melvin, can you find a way to involve MCF in this loop. You know how to do that.

Anyway, lalong gumanda yung planong visioning seminar with this clearer framework we have.

Regards to your family.




Later, Prof. Toti Dulay decided to use the suggestion of Ateneo School of Government Associate Dean Gonzales of "Marikina Way" instead of "Marikina Ideology" after realizing that "Marikina Ideology" might be too heavy. Prof. Dulay even used "Marikina Way" in one of his doctoral papers in his studies in UP Colege of Public Administration. He noted that "Marikina Way" has its own category in Google and its the #1 in that category. "Marikina Way" blog entry is also in the Top 10 in Google under Lakan Dula.

Next year, Prof. Dulay will decide if he will use "Marikina Way" or "The Globalist Manifesto" in his doctoral dissertation --both being part of his personal advocacy. He may also decide to work on "Lakan Dula" heritage instead, working specifically on the claim of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo that she is a descendant of Lakan Dula in which the Wikipedia is requesting her to provide citation for her claim. Lakan Dula could indeed be the dissertation topic of Prof. Dulay, considering that the Dulay Clan of Marikina Valley, in which he is the current and the 5th generation traditional clan head, is very much associated with it.Let us see how this doctoral dissertation will turn out.

Toti Dulay, a trusted ally of the Fernandos of Marikina, is a director of Asian Institute of Management Alumni Association (AAAIM) and his pursuing his doctorate at the UP NCPAG. Prof. Popoy de Vera, a well known political analyst from UP NCPAG is his fraternity brother. With Associate Dean Dennis Gonzalez of Ateneo School of Government assisting the Kabayani Party of MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando, it is logical to conclude that Bayani Fernando For President movement have a strong intellectual foundation from the best management and governance schools of the country.



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President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, whose ancestry traced back from Lakan Dula and whose visayan husband's family once owned Hacienda Marikina, inducts into office incoming Mayor Marides Fernando, with future Mayor Tala Fernando and past Mayor Bayani Fernando withnessing. As MCF once said, "our efforts will not waver from building a city that reflects humanity and character."

This proposal served as one of the references during the discussion between Prof. Dulay and Associate Dean Gonzalez in Ateneo. This was sent in the email loop of MCF, Melvin, Dennis and Toti:
(August 2007 - May 2010)

(Project, Major Tasks, Subtasks and Activities)


1.1. Set – up the Secretariat (office, furniture, staff appointments, vehicle, budget)
1.2. City General Assembly of Current Kabayani Leaders (venue, program, invitations, food, publicity)
1.3. Set – up City, District, Barangay, and Purok chapters (same structure in all levels: Chairman, Vice – Chairman, Secretary General, Party Whip, Treasurer, Auditor, PRO, Business Manager, Sergeant at Arms, and Directors)


2.1. Selection of Candidates (letter of intent, arbitration, selection, and nomination )
2.2. Campaigning (miting de avance, logistical support, financial support, daily schedule)


3.1. Chapters Development (team building, massive recruitment, leadership training)
3.2. Anti – Poverty Scheme ( seed money, savings and loan association with Grameen Bank concepts)

4.0. WINNING THE 2010 ELECTIONS PROJECT (March – May 2010)

4.1. Selection of local & congressional candidates (letter of intent, arbitration, selection and nomination )
4.2. Marikina Campaign (miting de avance, logistical support, financial support, daily schedule and media relations)
4.3. National Candidates Campaign (as a deal for the full support of Kabayani, we will negotiate with our presidential candidate for probable cabinet or national positions for Kabayani officers who will not be accommodated in local politics.

An Anti Poverty Project Proposal for Marikina

Both MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando and Prof. Toti Dulay graduated as the most outstanding Boy Scouts in elementary - BF in Calumpang, Toti in Concepcion. They both graduated with honors in MSAT (now Marikina Science High School). BF went to MAPUA to pursue mechanical engineering, Toti went to UP to pursue liberal arts. The two were together fighting Rudy Valentino for the first time in 1988...BF as the candidate, Toti as one of BF's trusted strategists based in Calumpang Market. The two fought Rudy Valentino again in 1992, this time separately, BF as the official mayoralty candidate of Lakas fighting for a vision and Toti was proclaimed by then Vice President Joseph Estrada and King of Philippine Movies Fernando Poe, jr. at the Marikina Sports Center as the official mayoralty candidate of PMP, fighting for a cause (equality in Marikina). BF won, Toti retired in local politics at the tender age of 32 with the hope that BF, his former boss, will also pursue his cause of equality in Marikina, which BF did. "Pantay Pantay pag may disiplina", BF's campaign in his sidewalk projects, demolishing the structure s of both the rich and the poor, the "lehitimo" and the "dayo" that encroached the sidewalks. Toti became NCR campaign manager of Erap, and later on Raul Roco. Toti also pursued masteral degree at the Asian Institute of Mangement and Doctor of Public Adminstration in UP.
Today, Toti is back where he started in Calumpang Market as a young man, this time as a consultant of Mayor Marides Fernando who said that, "Marikina shall not run out of good leaders who can carry on the task of building a bright future."

This was submitted by consultant Prof. Dulay to Mayor Marides Fernando based on his experience in community organizing and his masteral studies at the Asian Institute of Management:

Concept Paper: “Kabayani Anti - Poverty Project”


Kabayani is the political arm of the community leaders who believe in the vision, ideas and advocacy of MMDA Chairman BF, Mayor MCF and Tala Fernando. It aims to become sustainable, united, strong and recognized by NGO community, national leaders and funding agencies. With Marikina as its base, it seeks to expand outside of its base in the long run, in parallel with the political aspirations of its leaders through the convergence of networks and efforts.

Anti - Poverty Project:

The first in the list of the Millennium Development Goals is Anti Poverty. Anti Poverty is also one of the core beliefs of PGMA as stated in her speech after EDSA Dos. Therefore, Kabayani, in unity with the international community and PGMA in serving its constituents, is launching the “Kabayani Anti Poverty Project”.

Mechanics of the Project:

With the Grameen Bank, as discussed in the Asian Institute of Management, as the model of operation, this project will encourage Kabayani to organize into “clusters of neighbors”, encourage them to save money in this clusters with interest higher than the savings bank rate and provide them with emergency loans from their own savings and co – makers with interest lower than the bank rate. The “seed money” that will form the bulk of “co –making fund” will be voluntarily donated to the Kabayani in a trust fund which will come from the City Hall, and CDF of Rep. De Guzman and Teodoro, private donors and funding agencies. The rich neighbors in the clusters will be targeted for savings; the poor neighbors will be targeted for savings and loans. The poor can barrow cash for emergency needs like paying electric and water bills, buying medicines, school expenses and supplies, job application expenses and for food. The savings and its interests can be withdrawn every Christmas or school openings. The Kabayani leaders in the barangays will oversee the “clusters of neighbors” in their barangay while the city leaders of Kabayani will oversee the barangay operations. Initially, the project staffs can piggy bank with the city hall and barangay hall.

Pilot Cluster of Neighbors:

The Friendly Neighbor Club Savings and Loan Association of Isabelo Mendoza St., San Roque, Marikina was founded by the group led by the proponent two years ago. Today, it has a growing portfolio of savers and has helped so many people.

Meeting in Ateneo Between Prof Dulay and Associate Dean Gonzalez

"Ceferino and Diosdado were contemporaries. Ceferino Dulay is known today as the 4th generation leader of the Dulay Clan of Marikina, while Diosdado Macapagal became the president of the Philippines. Of the two, Ceferino is younger. When Diosdado ran for president, Ceferino moved around the known settlements of Lakan Dula descendants. He spent time with then Mayor Eleuterio Dulay, of Laoang, Northern Samar to make sure that Diosdado will win in Samar Island. When Diosdado won, he placed Ceferino in a job in Manila City Hall, near his home in Tondo. Ceferino's tomb is later found in a chapel inside an old secret cemetery of now "Marikina Cathedral" , tightly guarded by the Dulay Clan members led by the 5th generation head of the clan, Sofronio l, past Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus Concepcion Council 7631, and the 6th generation head of the clan, Sofronio ll (fondly called Esdee). Like former mayor Bayani Fernando, Esdee is also a Sacristan of the "Marikina Cathedral". He is a basketball varsity player and honor student of an exclusive boy school, Marist. He wants to be a lawyer someday."

Mayor Marides Fernando texted Prof. Dulay:

"coordinate with Associate Dean Dennis Gonzalez re: our grassroots political program"

Prof. Dulay reply to the Mayor few days later:

"Update lang po. Bukas , may meeting kami ni Congressman Marcy Teodoro. Si Associate Dean Gonzalez, di pa sumasagot sa email ko. Di ko rin matyempuhan sa Ateneo landline at sa NTDB office nya. Kung alam ko lang bahay nya, sasaglitan ko na sya para ma acclimitize na sya sa grupo natin. Ganito rin papel ko nun kay Erap at Roco, taga kausap sa mga "taong madaling lapitan, mahirap hanapin, madaling kausapin, mahirap intindihin"

After several exchange of text , here is the Result:

An email to Mayor Marides Fernando from Prof. Dulay....

Dear Mayor MCF,

Attached is the minutes of our meeting with Associate Dean Dennis Gonzalez of Ateneo School of Governance this morning after my meeting with Cong Marcy.

Dean Gonzalez is proposing a meeting next week with you. I think your text about a meeting in your house I received while ago is about that meeting proposed by Dean Gonzalez? Maybe he will text you about it.

Regards to Chairman BF and Tala.

Minutes of the Meeting between Ateneo School of Governance Associate Dean Dennis Gonzalez and Prof. Toti Dulay, MCF Consultant

Venue: Center for Social Policy, Ateneo Campus, Katipunan
Date/Time: 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM, August 30, 2007
Agenda: MCF’s Request for Marikina’s Grassroots Political Program

Preliminary Discussion

The two talked about the conversation between MCF and Dean Gonzalez; Rep. Teodoro’s opinion on Kabayani; City Administrators Melvin Cruz concern on his role as City Administrator and Kabayani Secretary General; the emails related to the draft Kabayani Grassroot Political Program sent among MCF, Cruz, Dulay and Gonzalez and the text instruction by MCF to Prof.Dulay to coordinate with Dean Gonzalez on “Marikina’s Grassroot Political Program”.

Present Political Party System in the Country

The two are of the consensus that the present political party system is not ideal: personality based, parties are just shells of the successful and unsuccessful bids of some politicians (Ex. Lakas /Ramos, LPD/Mitra, etc.); party officers and members are not familiar with party programs; vehicle of patronage; tool for running for public office.

What a Political Party Should Be

It was pointed out that political party should be programmatic and not much of personality; with vision; members should adhere to the programs and political reforms; members and officers should be accountable to the party; party should be a venue to discuss policies, debates; and training ground for future leaders. It was noted that in developed countries, party members even pay party membership dues and raise logistics for the party.

Role of Ateneo

Ateneo as an institution is committed to extend assistance to effect the development of the party system in the country, as one of its contribution to nation building. It was noted that the Ateneo School of Governance, thru Sec. Butch Abad and then Dean Mila Abad, helped the Liberal Party in coming out with their party vision and program. It was also noted that PDP Laban used to conduct regular seminars is for their incoming members but it not being done now.

5. What do we do from here?

Associate Dean Gonzalez will try to request the Ateneo School of Governance Executive Education Director to draft a Marikina Grassroot Political Program as an offshoot of this meeting.

The program will be presented to Mayor MCF in a meeting to be scheduled next week. Dean Gonzalez and Prof Dulay will coordinate for the details of the proposed meeting.

Off hand, Associate Dean Gonzalez is talking of a “Kabayani Visioning Seminar” of the top 12 - 20 Kabayani party leaders which should include BF, MCF and Tala in attendance. The seminar is maybe for 1 to 3 days, maybe live in. The objective of the seminar is to draft the collective vision – mission and programs of Kabayani which will become the basic documents for party recruitment, orientation seminars and party management.

d. Dean Gonzalez said that he may put up a team of facilitators for this seminar.

Prepared by:

Prof. Toti Dulay, MCF Consultant
0918-5865344; 645-8425
#3 Isabelo Mendoza St., San Roque, Marikina City

Copy furnished:

Mayor MCF, Rep. Teodoro, City Administrator Cruz, Associate Dean Gonzalez