Friday, August 17, 2007

An Anti Poverty Project Proposal for Marikina

Both MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando and Prof. Toti Dulay graduated as the most outstanding Boy Scouts in elementary - BF in Calumpang, Toti in Concepcion. They both graduated with honors in MSAT (now Marikina Science High School). BF went to MAPUA to pursue mechanical engineering, Toti went to UP to pursue liberal arts. The two were together fighting Rudy Valentino for the first time in 1988...BF as the candidate, Toti as one of BF's trusted strategists based in Calumpang Market. The two fought Rudy Valentino again in 1992, this time separately, BF as the official mayoralty candidate of Lakas fighting for a vision and Toti was proclaimed by then Vice President Joseph Estrada and King of Philippine Movies Fernando Poe, jr. at the Marikina Sports Center as the official mayoralty candidate of PMP, fighting for a cause (equality in Marikina). BF won, Toti retired in local politics at the tender age of 32 with the hope that BF, his former boss, will also pursue his cause of equality in Marikina, which BF did. "Pantay Pantay pag may disiplina", BF's campaign in his sidewalk projects, demolishing the structure s of both the rich and the poor, the "lehitimo" and the "dayo" that encroached the sidewalks. Toti became NCR campaign manager of Erap, and later on Raul Roco. Toti also pursued masteral degree at the Asian Institute of Mangement and Doctor of Public Adminstration in UP.
Today, Toti is back where he started in Calumpang Market as a young man, this time as a consultant of Mayor Marides Fernando who said that, "Marikina shall not run out of good leaders who can carry on the task of building a bright future."

This was submitted by consultant Prof. Dulay to Mayor Marides Fernando based on his experience in community organizing and his masteral studies at the Asian Institute of Management:

Concept Paper: “Kabayani Anti - Poverty Project”


Kabayani is the political arm of the community leaders who believe in the vision, ideas and advocacy of MMDA Chairman BF, Mayor MCF and Tala Fernando. It aims to become sustainable, united, strong and recognized by NGO community, national leaders and funding agencies. With Marikina as its base, it seeks to expand outside of its base in the long run, in parallel with the political aspirations of its leaders through the convergence of networks and efforts.

Anti - Poverty Project:

The first in the list of the Millennium Development Goals is Anti Poverty. Anti Poverty is also one of the core beliefs of PGMA as stated in her speech after EDSA Dos. Therefore, Kabayani, in unity with the international community and PGMA in serving its constituents, is launching the “Kabayani Anti Poverty Project”.

Mechanics of the Project:

With the Grameen Bank, as discussed in the Asian Institute of Management, as the model of operation, this project will encourage Kabayani to organize into “clusters of neighbors”, encourage them to save money in this clusters with interest higher than the savings bank rate and provide them with emergency loans from their own savings and co – makers with interest lower than the bank rate. The “seed money” that will form the bulk of “co –making fund” will be voluntarily donated to the Kabayani in a trust fund which will come from the City Hall, and CDF of Rep. De Guzman and Teodoro, private donors and funding agencies. The rich neighbors in the clusters will be targeted for savings; the poor neighbors will be targeted for savings and loans. The poor can barrow cash for emergency needs like paying electric and water bills, buying medicines, school expenses and supplies, job application expenses and for food. The savings and its interests can be withdrawn every Christmas or school openings. The Kabayani leaders in the barangays will oversee the “clusters of neighbors” in their barangay while the city leaders of Kabayani will oversee the barangay operations. Initially, the project staffs can piggy bank with the city hall and barangay hall.

Pilot Cluster of Neighbors:

The Friendly Neighbor Club Savings and Loan Association of Isabelo Mendoza St., San Roque, Marikina was founded by the group led by the proponent two years ago. Today, it has a growing portfolio of savers and has helped so many people.

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