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Friendly Exchange of Emails and Text Between Associate Dean Gonzalez and Prof.Toti Dulay Re: Marikina Ideology

The youngest son of Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez and a brother of a visayan congressman, he finished his doctorate abroad. He is the Associate Dean of Ateneo School of Government and the Chair of National Book Development Board. He lives in Loyola Grand Villas, "in the tumana side", he said. As Bayani Fernando once said, "Iba't ibang rehiyon, iba't ibang ugali, nagkakaisa sa lungsod ng Marikina"
It started with the text of Prof. Sofronio Dulay to Associate Dean Gonzalez:

"Dean Dennis, good pm. Naisip ko lang, maybe a way to harmonize yung ideas ng meeting kagabi is to have the "Marikina Ideology". That way, we use the term Marikina as suggested by Chairman Bayani Fernando, and "Kabayani" is one of the political arms of the ideology. Lahat pasok sa format, di ba? Maybe clear natin kay MCF at BF ito."

Associate Dean Gonzalez replied thru this email copy furnished Melvin Cruz:


Instead of the "Marikina Ideology," I suggest "The Marikina Way" (maybe
"Ang Paraang Marikina") as a short-hand expression of a great idea like "The
Marikina Way Is the Way Forward for the Nation." Then "Kabayani" (or a
new name) can be the political movement or party that practices and
promotes "The Marikina Way." If this initial attempt to bring together the elements of last night's discussion is acceptable to BF and MCF, then we still need an intensive
workshop of 20 key people to specify the three (3) or more core values
of The Marikina Way on which the core messages, priority program, and action
plan of the Kabayani movement can be built with the deep consensus of the key
people. We hope we can get documents on the Marikina Way and Kabayani soon.

Dennis Gonzalez

Prof. Dulay answered thru an email with his usual down - to - earth manner:

Dear Dean Dennis;

Ok na rin sa kin yung "Marikina Way", kaya naman I suggested "Marikina Ideology" para mas mukhang formal at intellectually appealling that will inspire curiousity even from the academe and in the search engines in the WWW. Marikina Way kasi mukhang light, parang Rotary Way ang dating, tsaka, baka may mga pilosopo dyan sabihin eh 'Markina Way" ?, "galing cubao sakay kang Calumpang".

'Marikina Ideology' can be comparable to Filipino ideology of Marcos or Communist ideology of Karl Marx. In advertising, the more the outrageous the name and concept, the more people talks about it.

Ideology because we can incorporate the ideas of Prof. Yap or the MDG's into it during the seminar.

Anyway, at least we have found now the framework:

The Conceptual Side - Marikina Way or Marikina Ideology, and

The Organizational Side - Kabayani, Philippine Patriotic Movement and all the other organizations who wants to "franchise" with the ideology or way. I realized now that the plan I made earlier was just the Organizational Side, it lacks the Conceptual Side.

Both sides have seperate growth paths which make it more flexible and have greater potential for growth.

And we could practice "credit back" advertising technique by crediting all the success of Marikina and the present programs of MMDA to "Marikina Ideology or Way".

Maganda sana if we could involve MCF or BF in this loop para we can develop some sort of "e-governance" among us and we dont have to meet in person more often. Of course, I like meeting with any member of our group in person but a loop like this makes the work more efficient. Attention Sir Melvin, can you find a way to involve MCF in this loop. You know how to do that.

Anyway, lalong gumanda yung planong visioning seminar with this clearer framework we have.

Regards to your family.




Later, Prof. Toti Dulay decided to use the suggestion of Ateneo School of Government Associate Dean Gonzales of "Marikina Way" instead of "Marikina Ideology" after realizing that "Marikina Ideology" might be too heavy. Prof. Dulay even used "Marikina Way" in one of his doctoral papers in his studies in UP Colege of Public Administration. He noted that "Marikina Way" has its own category in Google and its the #1 in that category. "Marikina Way" blog entry is also in the Top 10 in Google under Lakan Dula.

Next year, Prof. Dulay will decide if he will use "Marikina Way" or "The Globalist Manifesto" in his doctoral dissertation --both being part of his personal advocacy. He may also decide to work on "Lakan Dula" heritage instead, working specifically on the claim of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo that she is a descendant of Lakan Dula in which the Wikipedia is requesting her to provide citation for her claim. Lakan Dula could indeed be the dissertation topic of Prof. Dulay, considering that the Dulay Clan of Marikina Valley, in which he is the current and the 5th generation traditional clan head, is very much associated with it.Let us see how this doctoral dissertation will turn out.

Toti Dulay, a trusted ally of the Fernandos of Marikina, is a director of Asian Institute of Management Alumni Association (AAAIM) and his pursuing his doctorate at the UP NCPAG. Prof. Popoy de Vera, a well known political analyst from UP NCPAG is his fraternity brother. With Associate Dean Dennis Gonzalez of Ateneo School of Government assisting the Kabayani Party of MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando, it is logical to conclude that Bayani Fernando For President movement have a strong intellectual foundation from the best management and governance schools of the country.



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Anonymous said...

I will vote for Bayani Fernando because i think he can set as a good example. knowing his life and the way he improved marikina by being known as a rape capital to one of the model cities and the way he helped people in accordance with his success in privete business, i think he is willing and responsible to help his country from a major change.

Nonan, Mark Jayson V.
ONG Section

Anonymous said...

Joshua Elijah F. Ong
564 Interior O. Fernando St. Malanday Valenzuela City, Metro Manila
ESPEJO Section

I will definitely vote for Mr. Bayani Fernando. My whole family really admires him and his principles. Just look at what he's done to Metro Manila when he was the chairman of MMDA (Metro Manila Development Authority). He concurrently holds the position of director of the Department of Public Works and Highways for the National Capital Region and everybody could see the good changes that he's brought to the field. In my own opinion, he really did well in serving Marikina City, being the mayor of the place, most especially in encouraging its people to maintain the peace and cleanliness in the area. Marikina is well known for its cleanliness and people from the outside admire Marikina community for being disciplined. I really look up to Mr. Fernando and i could say that he's been making difference in our country at present. He would surely make a good president!!! Our country needs a leader like him.

Anonymous said...

Darryl Lennon S. Katipunan
Lot 5 Blk 1 Medina st. Armel Subdivision Sta Lucia Pasig City.


"If the current MMDA chairman, Honorable Bayani Fernando will run in the forthcoming 2010 election and if luckily, he will win. I believe his first thing to do as an elected president if the country, is to focus on the problems of poverty across the country. I further believe that he can provide the basic needs of Filipinos. He can enforce the law to all since he was once elected as a mayor of marikina.

But still, the people has still the power to vote for the right person.

Anonymous said...

Jon Andrew R. Sison
B4 Lot 5 & 7 Gold Street Dona Helen Subdvision, Camarin, Caloocan City


I believe to the values and basic rules and regulations that Hon. Bayani Fernando is implementing in the streets of Metro Manila nowadays. Basically, if he can enforce traffic law in the metro, then he is capable of applying the law across the country by constituting the legality that he imposes. Furthermore, Poverty is not an easy task that can be eliminated, it takes an effective and trusthworthy cabinet and allies to promote the elimination of poverty in the country. Since, He himself as a man cannot uphold easily programs that will help eliminate the pangs of poverty.

As a concerned citizen, I would like to address to Honorable Bayani Fernando to choose trustworthy, Effective and God-Fearing cabinets and allies if ever he will take his seat as the next President of the Republic.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bayani Fernando is a licensed Mechanical Engineer who has acquired his managerial skills from the company he has established – the BF Group of Companies, a steel fabrication, general construction and manufacturing business. His success in private business coupled with his aspiration to help people, motivated him to pursue a career in government.

lagunda,krizia marie l.
perpetual village, taguig, m.m
katipunan section

Anonymous said...

Bayani Fernando as mayor was credited with several cleanliness and beautification projects, and his term saw the transformation of Marikina from a 4th class municipality to a model Philippine city. He was re-elected mayor twice, and served as mayor until 2001. In 2002, he was appointed chairman of the Metro Manila Development Authority by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.He was a great politician and responsible citizen of Philippines.

Bautista, Albert D.
Manggahan, Pasig City
katipunan section