Saturday, September 8, 2007

Seminar - Workshop on Strengthening Leadership and Management of Kabayani Party

Its all set. Aurma Manlangit of the Ateneo School of Government and Toti Dulay of the Asian Institute of Management - IMDM, discussed the program for the October 4 seminar - workshop as one way of fine tuning it . Popoy de Vera and Toti talked about it at the UP of College of Public Administration. Aurma and Popoy talked about it also.

Toti and Aurma agrees that to finally fine tune everything before the d- day, a meeting with Melvin Cruz should be done. Toti told Aurma that he could not join the seminar because he has a classs in FEU and a doctorate class in UP College of Public Administration that day. It will be like hitting "one bird with two stones" if he will join the seminar. But on the invitation of Aurma to lecture on Balance Score Card for a seminar to be conducted by the Ateneo School of Government for a group city councilors, Toti said yes, if his schedule of lecture will be on a Sunday. Toti also informed Aurma that the IMDM of the Asian Institute of Management, where he is the Vice Chairman, is the one tasked by the AIM Policy Center's Konrad Adenuer Project, to conduct competitiveness studies in some cities in Metro Manila.

Toti texted Mayor Marides Fernando after the meeting:

"Mayor, good pm po. Just finished meeting with Aurma fine tuning October 4 seminar. We suggest that a meeting between Aurma and Melvin be done to finally fine tune everything. Regards mam."

Toti also texted Associate Dean Dennis Gonzalez.

Tomorrow, Toti will be meeting the board of directors of the Marist PTA at Starbucks Marquinton to discuss the general membership assembly and some projects for the 3 million pesos fund of that exclusive boy school in Marikina Heights. He is doing this pro bono for the sake of the City of Marikina. Toti, however, has to decline the post of Program Director of the Knights of Columbus Concepcion Council 7631, to give chance to others, having already been a past Grand Knight for that council in 1996. On Monday, Toti will attend the regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the AIM Alumni Association at the Manila Polo Club. Wherever he goes, he is carrying with himself the "Marikina Way".

As Mayor Marides Fernando once said : " We have moved from the traditional system of politics to a results - based system of performance politics."

Well, life is like that... you simply have to give it your best given a limitation.... one at a time. Life has to move on as usual. A dog has to do what a dog has to do.


Anonymous said...

Taga munisipyo din ba yang si Aurma? Tuloy ba barangay election?


Prof. Toti Dulay said...

Si Aurma is the Director of Ateneo School of Government. Mga 80% na di tuloy ang barangay election kasi approved na sa lower house yung postponement bill,pinadala na sa senate. Nagsabi si villar na he will give the bill due course.