Saturday, December 20, 2008


BAYANI FERNANDO is pro - poor. In his tarpaulin advocacy campaign, his pro - poor inclination is shown by the messages of his advocacy: "pantay pantay kung may disiplina" is saying that the urban poor, the provincianos and the young professionals and children of business tycoons are all equal if we have a working law and a culture of discipline for everyone. Walang palakasan...pare pareho lahat. In a way, Bayani Fernando raised the level of urban poor to the level of the children of the tycoons.

When he gave 11,000 squatters their own homes....he gave hope and dignity to the poor.
Now tell me who among the presidentiables gave homes to the poor? Can we do the roll call?
Hey presidentiables, how many homes did you give to the poor? Noli de Castro? Manny Villar?
Mar Roxas? Loren Legarda? Ping Lacson? Oh, ano? Ilan ang binigay nyo? You mean to say sa tagal nyo sa politika eh di nyo kayang tapatan ang record ni Bayani Fernando? Eh ito..pag sama samahin kaya natin yung mga binigay nyong bahay ..kayong lahat..kaya nyo bang lagpasan yung 11,oo homes na binigay ni Bayani Fernando? See? Sabi ko na nga talo kayo sa performance eh.

Bayani Fernando cleared the street of the encroaching store owners and illegal vendors supportive of kotong cops in order to give the masses a place to walk on and for the poor children to have a place to stay.

I can go on and on telling you of past and present actuations of BAYANI FERNANDO AS PRO POOR... this debunked the myth propagated by some of his rivals that says BF is otherwise.

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