Monday, October 27, 2008

Bayani Fernando for President in 2010 | Bayani Na! Fernando Pa!

Tina de Castro wrote this in a Government Forum last 8/28/2008

"MAREA FROM HEAVEN" is the sentence that will tell who will be the next president of the Philippines. Mar Roxas should run as vice president only in 2010...wala sa kanya ang destiny for 2010.

The next president is Bayani Fernando.Why?

Yes, we will vote for Bayani Fernando.

1. He is pro poor - relocated 11,000 squatters, open up sidewalks for ordinary people to pass, he provided cheap dwellings in the port area for poor provincianos staying in Manila.

2. He is an EDSA 1 hero - as a young businessman, he used his construction equipments to safeguard the people against probable attacks of pro - Marcos soldiers and tanks.

3. He is religious - a sacristan when he was young, and contiunues to give concerts for the benefits of the church.

4. He is not corrupt, Grace Dyjamco, whose lot in Tondo was bought by MMDA for a anti flood pump told me that what Chairman Bayani Fernando requested from her is to provide for the families squatting on her lot.before MMDA will agree to buy her lot.

5. "Sa buong buhay ko, wala pa akong pinapatay" he always say., Yes, he is not a man of violence. His politics is politics of performance.

6. He is nationalistic- his native name, and his daughters native name, Tala, speaks for itself.

7. He gets things done - solve the garbage and traffic problems in Metro Manila.

8. He wants equality of the poor and the rich as seen by his advocacy, "pantay pantay pag may disiplina". so, kahit urban poor ka man or anak ng milyonaryo, sa mata ni Bayani Fernando, pantay pantay lang kayo.

9. Matapang sya - ang backers ng mga colorum bus at FX ay mga generals pero, pina impound pa rin nya to. Di sya takot mamatay alang alang sa bayan.

10. May solution sya sa ano mang problema - and very unique ang solution nya na if you analyze it deeper --ultimately pro poor.Example: Metro Guapo sa Recto..inayos nya drainage, inayos at pinaganda ang mga bahay ng mga mahihirap. San ka nakakita ng tao na itataya nya ang pangalan at buhay nya para lamang makapagsilbi sa mahihirap at sa publiko. Si Bayani Fernando, kayang gawin yan.

reply By: serionchristian registered: 8/14/200, Matsusaka city, Japan

Tina de Castro magaling ang pinili mo! That's a nice pick. Honestly I don't know him, but if you tell the truth about what you said about him so if ever I had the oppurtunity I would vote for him. What you said about him made me feel happy. I mean there is still a politician that is doing his job rightly and honestly. He is helping people the especially the poor ones which is a good thing to do. If he believes in God then he has nothing to worry about. God might even give him the chance to be president and change the country. God will never leave or ignore people who loves him and never forgets about him. We should all pray to God. He is the answer. And the guy you said has a very big chance to be the president for there is no impossible in this world only possible. I pray to God that this man will be the next president and make Philippines a great country. God bless to all and take care.

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Mayor Ramon Guico said...

Nice post! I'm just hope for a clean and safe election this 2010. And who ever wins as the race for presidency, I wish he/she can change our country from its current state. Anyway, I've been looking for topics as interesting as this. Looking forward to your next post.