Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bayani Fernando for president of RP, will you vote him? How about Manny Villar, Noli de Castro, and Mar Roxas?

Yes, because I could see that he could be a good president.

1. He is the enforcer of public good. Poor Filipinos need side walks to walk on and play, Bayani recovered the sidewalks for them.

2. The poor needs a place to stay while in Manila..he built an affordable place for them in the Port Area.

3. The poor needs home..he confiscated lands from professional squatters and give them to real squatters..11,000 of them.

4. The poor needs job... he networked well with different companies both local and intertnational and provide one job per family (in Marikina while he was the Mayor).

5.. The poor wants to go abroad but they dont have money, he contacted Aram Agency and some other such kind of agencies which sent Pinoy abroad without placement fees.

6. Colenels and Generals are putting up colorum buses in EDSA, he apprehended them ..never fearing about his life for the good of the public.

7. Lawyers accupying public land near the river which blocked the bicycle lane for the working class and for the environment... he demolished the structures of the lawyers and challenged them to see him in court instead.

8. He has an abusive strategist who demolished squatters without provision for relocation..he fired his strategist.

9. His engineering staff discovered a big secret japanese WW ll - made manhole and nobody wants to go down and look at them..he went down and see, gave order later to fix them.

10. An obscure Catholic Church parishioner shyly approached him asking him to sing for a dinner fund raising... he went singing bringing in the three tenors and a band...the church raised so much money.

11. A campaigner approached him suggesting they operate a jueting..he almost boxed the guy out of his office.

12. He is the only son of a lawyer who became Mayor of Marikina. He has been well loved, well protected and well provided as a kid in the neighborhood, so he love the people in return and he has a complete trust on the people.

13. He is named Bayani...his sisters are named Mayumi, Ligaya, etc. He named his only child Tala.

14. He is an engineer, he built one of the tallest buildings in Ayala avenue but he likes to be remembered more as builders of characters.

15. His advocacy pictures showed him as a strict guy... but he is pro poor by heart..he said that the reason why he is fighting it out not to cry with the poor..because if he cried with them, "his tears will covered his eyes and when his eyes are blinded with tears, who will lead the way in bringing the poor out of poverty". Bayani is a Sacristan when he was a kid.

16. He looks very stern..but he can look right into your eyes and tell you in a folksy Marikina accent that all his life..."wala pa akong pinapatay na maski sino'...his politics is not politics of violence but politics of performance.

17. He has complete trust on the goodness of the Filipinos...when he ordered to free the sidewalks of encroachments from the poor and the rich violators, lots of politicians said that Bayani is not practicing politics of addition. Yes, but his political mathematics is "politics is subtraction and multiplication"..meaning few violators of the law will be against him for a while but the bigger number of general public..the poor and the rich alike who will benifit from his programs will like him..even those who were gainst him before.

18. He is a super rich businessman..yet, he is a folksy masa at heart with thick Marikina accent. He does not crave for the company of the socialites and his fellow rich.. he is more at ease with engineers and other hard working professionals and poor upcoming leaders.

19. Bayani Fernando is an enigma..a paradox...people are curious how he will clean the BIR, Customs, address the seccesionist movement, raise our GNP, per capita income, combat inflation and globalization....are you curious too?...well, he has a way of doing things....he will do it and he will do it well....BF Gets it Done. He is worth trying and you will never regret the way Marikenos and Metro Manilans are.

Wherever Metro Manila Goes, so Goes the nation..this is the political history of the Philippines.


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