Thursday, June 5, 2008

Would Bayani Fernando make a good president?

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The answer is written by Toti Dulay, past Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus of Concepcion, Marikina and member of the board of the Asian Institute of Management Alumni Association.

In this Tabata commercial in You Tube, shot in the Dulay ancestral house near the Shoe Museum, Toti is acting as a doting father sending his only son (Esdee, an honor student and basketball varsity player of Marist) to college.


Yes, BF could be a good president if given a chance and let me tell you the reasons:

1. He is pro - poor. He was able to give homes to 11,ooo squatters as the mayor of Marikina. His advocacy, "pantay pantay pag may disiplina" is saying that the rich spoiled brats and the urban poor are equal...and equality is the hall mark of French Revolution."Kahirapan ay maiibsan pag may disiplina", another BF advocacy, shows that in his subconscious, he is always thinking of the poor. He would scold his staff who will call poor Filipinos as squatters or from depressed area. To BF, these terms are very demeaning..he would call them " mula sa mataong lugar". One time, BF fired his long time consultant and political strategist who demolised squatters without any relocation. His goal is one job per family and he succeeded in Marikina...and now his dream is two jobs per family. He is now arranging, together with his wife, Mayor Marides Fernando, jobs abroad without placement fee, housing for the poor using Habitat for Humanity and Grameen Bank type savings and loan association for the poor. He can talk to the laborers and piyons on the ground.Being an only son, he enjoys jamming with ordinary people and hardworking professionals, unlike some politicians who are always with influential wheeler dealers, socialites and beauty queens.

2. He is not corrupt. He became super rich thru his legitimate businesses which he started as a young bachelor and fresh engineering graduate of MAPUA..unlike some politicians who are very rich but do not have a legitimate business, made one ask where did they got their money.

3. He is nationalistic and it runs in his breeding. All his siblings have native names (bayani, mayumi, ligaya..her daughter is named Tala). His father, Atty. Gil Fernando, is a well loved mayor of Marikina who never enriched himself in office.

4. BF is a devoted catholic. He was a sacristan when he was a young boy. Up to now, he still sings in dinner concerts to raise funds for the Church, kasama yung three tenors nyang barkada.

5. He gets things done. He has a solution for any problem. He would solve the corruption in the BIR, Customs his own way...and he will surely delight us with the results.Can you imagine the garbage and traffic problems in Metro Manila before he became the MMDA Chairman. Filipinos thought before that we are already in the quagmire but BF solved them his way.

6. He is folksy, with native Filipino looks, and a thick Marikina accent..who sings classical songs and whose private jokes are pang masa.

7. He has an equally devoted wife, Mayor Marides Fernando (a daughter of industrialist Meneleo Carlos),who is now one of the contenders for World Mayor 2008. All they dream, Bayani and Marides, is to dedicate their life to serve the people well in their lifetime.Their daughter, Tala, is the one running their businesses, their "breadwinner", they joke.

8. His politics is politics of performance and not of violence. Pinagmamalaki nya, "tignan nyo yung mukang ito, sa buong buhay ko eh wala akong pinapapatay" will know na galit sya sa yo pag di ka nya kinamayan..and he will do it even in na ang pinaka "violence" nya.

9. He does not believe too much in politics is addition..what he believes is "politics is subtraction and multiplication", medyo mas mathematically complicated sya kesa kay Amang Rodriguez. He is the enforcer of public good and the good of the majority and this is the reason why he will end up pro - poor, the way he is turning up now..because the poor is the majority...but, he has a way of doing it...and it is so refreshingly effective that one can almost say..BF gets it done.


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Lotus Flower said...

Yes. BF would definitely be a good President. But to run for President in 2010 would be a disaster. Perhaps, he could first aspire for a VP post. The post if he wins, will give him a good grasp of what it would be like once he becomes a President.