Monday, December 17, 2007

Toti Dulay of the 2nd Congressional District of Marikina City

This blog page serves as the list of projects and activities initiated, managed or particiaped by Toti Dulay from 2007 to 2010 in his involvement in different organizations:

1.0. Consultant, Office of Mayor Marides Fernando

1.1. Grassroots Political Organization for Kabayani Party



I was tasked by Mayor Marides Fernando to coordinate with Associate Dean Dennis Gonzales of the Ateneo School of Governance regarding grassroots political organization. The meeting resulted into a Kabayani Party Seminar Worshop held from October 4-5, 2007, at the Astoria Plaza in Pasig City, the Ateneo School of Government conducted a seminar to help jumpstart the party-building process of Kabayani, a local political party based in Marikina City. Kabayani, which was founded by former mayor, now Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) chairperson, Bayani Fernando and current mayor, Marides Fernando. The Office of City Administrator Melvin Cruz organized the seminar.

The implementation of the vision and strategies formulated in the seminar needs the go signal of Mayor Marides Fernando.

Discussed with Melvin Cruz and Rep.Marcy Teodoro about the plan to put up an independent office for Kabayani Party.

1.2. Marikina City Hall Overseas Employment Project


With the approval of Mayor Marides Fernando and go signal of City Administrator Melvin Cruz, I initiated a tie - up with Aram Enterprises, Inc. headed by its Vice President Gemma A. Mercado, to send Marikenos to job abroad without placement fee. The project is in coordination with WAO OIC/PESO Manager Gildegardo R. Munar, TESDA and the Training Center at Nangka Elementary School. It will be manned by Engr. Angel Rufo of Rancho Estate, Joseph Quiles of Marikina Heights and Danny Justo of Kenworth.

Those who wants to apply, please proceed to WAO Office.

1.3. Habitat for Humanity Housing Project For Marikina City Hall Employees.


With the go signal of Mayor Marides Fernando, I initiated a tie - up between Habitat For Humanity and the Marikina City Hall to provide housing for City Hall employees. Series of meetings attended by the Mayor Marides Fernando, Habitat for Humanity President Alberto L. Jugo, City Administrator Melvin Cruz, Demy Posadas, Warren Ubungen, Architech Joy Alarcon came up with a 4-storey hausing project thru Pag-Ibig Fund in a government lot in Concepcion Dos, Second District

2.0. President, Marist School PTA based in Marikina Heights, 2nd District


2.1. Initiated the Marist PTA EGroup.
2.2. Came up with a Marist PTA logo and Letterhead led by Atty. Mae Lindo
2.3. Facilitated the donation of previous PTA boards headed by Miramar Ocampo of Marikina Heights of 2 million pesos to Marist School.
2.4. Facilitated the election and induction of Marist PTA Year and Section Level Representatives.
2.5. Halloween Party led by Hector Domingo
2.6. Christmas Party by Marist PTA Board hosted by Elaine Santos.
2.7. Renewed PTA SEC and BIR Registration led by Atty. Tess Caalim.
2.8. Activated the Marist PTA Office.
2.9. Launched the Egroup information campaign thru free TShirt to all Year and Section Level Representatives.
2.10. Revived the PTA Christmas Gift giving to all Marist teachers and staff.
2.11. Initiated college entrance review sessions for 3rd year Marist students thru Mrs. Betty Victorino Srimata.
2.12. Initiated graduation ball thru Mrs. Jocelyn G. Papas of DPWH.
2.13. Supported the Bingo Socials of the Marist Employees.
2.14. Supported the "Do Good Button Campaign" of Marist Guidance Office.
2.15. Supported the "Detecting and Handling Children Under Stress , December 14, led by Marist Guidance Office.
2.16. Suppoted recollection led by Alan Biazon


2.17. Prep School Family Day and Sports Fest led by Mrs. Vem P. Reyes of Miriam College

2.18.Supported the Gift Giving Project to Lolo and Lola on February 14, 2008.

2.19. Supported the Zaphyr, the Variety Show of Marist School, thru coordination with Miss Cruz of the Dance Club, benifits will go to the CRIBS Foundation.

2.20. Supported the Marist Faculty Development Program thru Educational Tour in Bohol, coordinated thru Marist PTA Board Lany Lambinicio.

2.21 Supported the uniform of the volleyball team of Mother's Organization of Marist School (MOMS) in the Marist-Notre Dame Friendship Game.

3.0. Past Grand Knight, Knights of Columbus, Concepcion Council 7631/ Former Lay Minister of Concepcion Church, 2nd District


3.1. Created the Egroup for Marikina Valley Asembly
3.2. Sponsored one station in the Stations of the Cross
3.3. Lectured on the heroism of Emilio Aguinaldo and Fighters of Balangiga in the Marikina Valley Assembly
3.4. Created the Concepcion Council Egroup.
3.5. Participated in the consensus building for the election of the next Grand Knight.

3.6 Joined in the fund raising dinner dance for Concepcion Church held in Kapitan Moy.

3.7. One of the hosts/sponsors in the K of C Concepcion Annual Xmas Carol

4.0. Former Faculty Club President and Former Management Coordinator, IABF-FEU


4.1. One of the campaign managers and donors of United Reform Party of the FEU Faculty Union
4.2. Pursued Doctor of Public Administration in UP NCPAG
4.3. Worked with Marlo Valencia for the nomination of Rep.Emil Ong and Dir.Yoko Ramos of the Office of the President as FEU Outstanding Alumni
4.4. Elected Section Representative in the UP NCPAG Student Council
4.5. Written doctoral papers a) Public Administration, the Marikina Way, and b) The On – Going Crusade for Formation of a Global Government: the Philippine Response

4.6. Talked to Rep. Marcy Teodoro to help the UP Faculty in thier fight to be excempted in the Salary Standardization Law

5.0. Titular Head, Dulay Clan of Marikina Valley


5.1. Directed the political activities of the clan in the last national and barangay elections.
5.2. Assigned one of my houses as temporary shelter of some relatives
5.3. Stand as ninong to the wedding of Iglesia Ni Cristo handog Abigael Salazar and US Navy Teck Guardiano
5.4. Hosted the All Saints Day Reunion of the Clan
5.5. Provided bi monthly cash and medical support to the matriarch of the clan.
5.6. Coordinated with some Lakan Dula descendants
5.7. Provided financial assistant to some members of the clan

5.8. Updated the Dulay Clan Educational Ranking

5.9. Prepared a power point presentation on the History of the Dulay Clan in his laptop.

5.11. Open a dollar account at PNB Seattle, Washington State to be the conduit of remittances among Dulay Clan members in the USA.

5.12. Reprimanded a Dulay Clan member who did not align with the clan's political stand.

5.13. Provided counsel to Dulay Clan members who are not prioritizing education.

6.0. Director, AIM Alumni Association; Vice - Chairman, International Movement of Development Managers


6.1. Attended Asian Business Conference
6.2. Attended Case Writing Seminar
6.3. Heads the Case Writing Committee
6.4. Pushed for Program Desk concept in AIM Alumni Office

6.5. Talked to a funding agency regarding a pro -poor micro finance program in Marikina.

6.6. Create an Egroup for the participants of International Case Writing Workshop in AIM

7.0. Chairman of the Board, FNC Savings and Loan; Convenor, Council of Elders, I. Mendoza St., and Former Team Manager of Kenworth Basketball Team Based in San Roque


7.1. Hosted a Mass for the Nuestra Senora de los Desamparados in my house and dinner for mass attendees and Special Guests like Mayor MCF, Chairman BF, Rep. Marcy Teodoro and Monsignor Balbago.

7.2. Helped organized the FNC Savings and Loan Association.

7.3. Offered Christmas Donation to OLA Devotees in San Roque visita.

7.4. Supported my son, Esdee, in his duty as OLA Sacristan.

7.5. Provided cash xmas gifts to San Roque Street cleaners, Drum and Lyre Corps of Parang and San Roque.

7.6. Supported the Marikina East Subdivision Midget Basketball Team in a league in San Roque.

7.7. Held a palaro for the children of I.Mendoza last San Roque fiesta.

7.8. Provided cash xmas gifts to Marriage Encounter Catholic Community, Our Lady of the Abandoned, Sta. Elena, Marikina City c/o Bro. Noel/Sis. Tony Aranas.

7.9. Hosted a new year party 2007 and presided the board of directors meeting of FNC Savings and Loan at the Dulay Ancestral House to declare dividend and increase capitalization.

8.0. Organizer, First MSAT Batch 78 Reunion


8.1. Accepted the challenged of the batch to be the Sections Mobilizer for the coming Reunion.

8.2. Hosted the Batch Xmas Party at the Dulay Ancestral House in San Roque.

8.3. Assist in the resource requirements of the batch every monthly meeting.

8.4. Proposed that the Batch help the Philipine National Red Cross in Marikina.

8.5. Arranged mass for the late Trelly Pascua; proposed "MSAT Batch 78 Second Generation".

9.0. Kumpare-Kumare ni Toti Dulay

9.1. Arlene Corral Dulay ll (Lenlen) Baptismal: OLA, April 30,1989

Kgd. Gerry Dulay, Councilor Anthony Mendoza, Terry Bodollo, Engr. Jay Francisco, Rep. Del De Guzman, Peter Perfecto, Dr. Jimmy Trinidad, Johnny Tortillas, Ruben San Diego, Atty. Cesar Turiano, Councilor Jojo Banzon, Jojo Pinga, Dra. Antoniette Corral, Lading de las Armas, Rachel Saldariega, Jovita Briones, Victoria Herrera, Ludy Victorino, Cristina Bantique, Emmeline Manrique, Flordeliza Reyes, Vivian Robrigado, Charit Estanislao Derpo.

9.2. Sofronio Corral Dulay ll (Esdee) Baptismal: OLA, April 6, 1995

Ambrocio Dulay,Engr.Bong Corral, Faustino Adamos, Kap Hepe Felipe, Lody Cadenas, Kap. Ben "Gana" Cruz, Nelson Diokno Santos, Tino Valentino, Councilor Fabian Cadiz, Pabling Aquino, Mylene Zerna, Feliciana Prado, Daisy Parangue, Daisy Martinez, Flora Herrera, Jocelyn Roque, Jennifer Alamares. Igan Dee (ninong sa kumpil)

9.3. Katreena Marie Corral Dulay (Katya) Baptismal: OLA, March 3, 2001

Wilson Dulay, Engr. Delfin Corral, Ric Orbin, Crisaldo, Andres, Sandy Borres, Jaime, Councilor Alfredo Mariano, Melvin Mitra, Baron Cervantes, Danny, Ligaya, Rossana, Ana Marie, Ma. Lourdes, Eloida, Mae, Aimee, Ma. Cecilia, Cora, Dina, Veronica, Joy

9.4. James Symon D. Francisco Baptismal:NSSHJ, Makati, July 4, 1998

Bill O' Donnel, Pocholo Domondon, Michael Laganzon, Jose Francisco, Jose Domondon lll, Aris Nueva-Espana, Rep. Del De Guzman, Prof. Toti Dulay, Ma. Rosario Ho, Marika Joan Domondon, Evet White, Cherry Francisco, Cherill Francisco, Rebecca Paguntalan, Aileen Banzon, Germalyn Alotencio

9.5. Catalan -Doyola Nuptial Concepcion Parish Church, July 25, 1992

Rogelio Albon, Prof. Toti Dulay, Councilor Fabian Cadiz, Teddy Manjalat, Lucita Albon, Fe Bago, Olive Zalameda, Delfa Gulay

9.6. Tsutsumi - Evangelista Nuptial IFI La Purisima Concepcion, May 6, 1989

Cho Reyes, Prof. Toti Dulay, Antonio Tan Lim, Manolo Mariano, Alejandro Galicia, Elvira Castro, Purisima Guevarra, Julie Buenaventura, Aliw Mateo, Glo Zabala

9.7. Raptos - Salinas Nuptial OLA,Oct. 2, 1998

Tito Faldas, Rodrigo Balana, Prof. Toti Dulay, Danny Espinosa, Vicente de Jose, Vic Bago, Boy Cacho,Edna Raz, Jessie Salinas, Ofelia Banarez Diaz, Miralona Sanchez, Beth Nillo, Editha Crisostomo, Lydia Garcia

9.8. Guardiano -Salazar Nuptial, INC Central, July 2007


This list is for only those that we managed to keep a copy of invitation. There are many occasions that Toti Dulay acted as ninongs to baptismals, weddings and kumpils but those important events are not listed here because we failed to secure the list of the ninongs and the other details.We apologize. Better still, please furnished us the old copies of invitations so we could add them here.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but am I getting this correctly...Is Toti Dulay inspiring for a 2nd district political position in the 2010 election?

Just asking...

what the heck? said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Prof. Toti Dulay said...

Am I running in 2nd district political position in 2010? No, I am not. The article only looks like that because I want to emphasize that although I live in the poblacion near the Shoe Museum, my heart really belongs to my relatives in the 2nd district.Also, as a College Management Professor, we are required to submit our accomplishments annually for faculty ranking purposes so, I make it a habit to write them in my blog so I wont forget.
Pero, ayoko ring magsalita ng tapos. Kasi nung 1992, wala akong balak tumakbong mayor, in fact you can check the records that I did not apply for it, pero nung pinakiusapan ako ng Marikina PMP Chairman Cesar Turiano and Vice Chairman Tony Adamos to be the PMP Mayoralty standard bearer in Marikina, sinununod ko ang party superiors ko. From 1992 up to now, wala namang nagsasabi sa king tumakbo, kaya di ako tumakbo after 1992. Well,sinusulat ako sa dyaryo nila Nonong na tatakbo daw, pero di naman ako nila kinakausap na tumakbo, kaya di pa ako tumatakbo after 1992. Same in 2010, if Mayor Marides Fernando will ask me to run for mayor or councilor or vice or congressman or kagawad, i will obey her, kasi ganun nga ako eh...I always respect my superiors' decision. Kaya, dont worry, I will not initiate running in 2010.

Anonymous said...

Bayani Fernando is the best candidate for president in 2010. Action oriented kasi sya eh. At may solusyon sya sa bawat problema. I could just imagine how he will eradicate the corruptions in BIR and Customs. So,spread the news around...Bayani Fernando For President.

Prof. Toti Dulay said...

Dear What the Heck;
I noticed you used the word "encountered" which is a proof that you dont know me that close.But if you are as close to me like Councilor Cadiz, Kap. Edwin Adigue, Kap. Erap Briones, Kgd. Toto Porras, Kgd. Noel Montoya.. you will notice that all the battles I had fought in Marikina, like against Marikina Aparthed, againts established politicians, etc, are the battles of other people which I just pursued to the very end. Now, do you call this self centeredness? May I invite you to join us in the Knights of Columbus, Concepcion Council, so we have more time to be together and know more about us.

Anonymous said...

I'm a BF fan. I would like to join BFs fan club. san ba ko pupunta

Prof. Toti Dulay said...

Pre, nag usap kami ni Chaiman BF nung libing ni vice Joe Andres...marami akong nireport sa kanyan including yung gustong tumikit na senator sa slate nya..pati na yung mga invitations sa kanya to join pma classes..
Sa organization naman..let us revolve muna around MCF...and also, we have listings of probable key officers/volunteers of may email me and tell us where you want to concentrate in the campign 2 years from email is pare ko...

Sef said...

BF may be a good candidate for President... but is there any way he would be President?

BF is largely ignored by the media, noticed only when there is something negative to be said about him. Now, what is he going to do about that?

Anonymous said...

I think, BF's early streamers around the Metro is hurting his popularity. Marami ako nakakausap na nagsasabi papansin lang siya pero di naman kasing galing nina M. Roxas and M. Villar. Also his U-turn slots are becoming an issue too, delikado to motorists.How can a Marikeno defend BF from all these issues?

Anonymous said...

BF is dreaming if he thinks he'll win the presidency in 2010, like him winning "talent" searches (due to the novelty factor and nothing more). Trapik lang sa Maynila di niya ma-solve (pinapalala pa like in C5), mga problema pa ng bayan?! If a lot of his Marikina "fans" are impressed by him, thinking Filipinos aren't.

marikit-na said...

prof..hindi ka na naman nagru-runung-runungan noh?! if naman mananalo kung tatakbo sa Marikina,,baka nga sa District 2 na sinasabi mung malapit sayo eh kangkungan abutin ba,,sa buong Marikina pa kaya...irregardless kahit bitbitin ka ng KABAYANI team...dito samen sa District 1,,nawawalan na ng gana mga tao kay MCF,,,,people are now prefer between DEL and Marcy as Mayor...and Marion Andres sa congress!! prof..advise lang,,,wag nagmamarunong...

marikit-na said...

2010 Election Result:

Congressman: V-Mayor Dr Marion Andres

Mayor: Del De Guzman / Marcy Teodoro

V-Mayor: Boy Bolok Santos