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Bayani Fernando For President

Wikipedia listed the following as presidentiables for the 2010 Philippine presidential elections: Noli de Castro, Bayani Fernando, Mar Roxas, Manny Villar, Dick Gordon, Sonny Belmonte, Loren Legarda,Ping Lacson, Chiz Escudero, Jinggoy Estrada, Jojo Binay and Francis Pangilinan.

Articles are written for every presidentiable. You may click this: Philippine general election, 2010, if you want to see them.

We are reprinting the Article written by Wikipedia for Bayani Fernando:

Bayani Fernando is well-known to have introduced efficient vehicular traffic systems, improved flood control and waste disposal,providing homes for the squatters of Marikina, securing jobs for so many people as MMDA chairman, and raised Metro Manila's profile through a massive rehabilitation and beautification program. He is known as an advocate of good taste, excellence, no nonesense pro - poor projects, political will in public service, and deep patriotism. (He named is only child Tala, his sisters are named Mayumi, Ligaya, etc.) As a young engineer, he went to EDSA 1, bringing with him his crew and construction equipments to help Filipinos who are sorrounding EDSA then, on their needs. As a young boy, he was a Sacristan and was awarded most outstanding Boys Scout. Lakas - CMD considers him as a presidentiable after noticing that there is a strong snowballing clamor for him to run for national public office.Several signs of this snowballing clamor includes the sprouting of Bayani Fernando for president spots in cyberspace [1] which had been visited by 2,302,267 viewers as of November 26, 2007, according to Google Cache Count, with an average of around 6,000 visitors daily; and [2] with hundreds of letters from all over the country urging him to run for Philippine President in 2010. If you type Bayani Fernando For President in Google search, you will see 38,900 entries, a sign that there is really a snowballing clamor for him to run for President of the Philippines in 2010. This snowball is timely and will reach its peak in time for the presidential elections.Up close, he has a "masa" appeal and a folksy manner, complete with authentic "Marikina accent" and a "native - Filipino - looking - face in a native Filipino name", with a streak of heroic flair from time to time, like firing his long - time political strategist who ordered the demolition of a squatter colony without a relocation.

Political résumé:

Current Post: Chairman, Metro Manila Development Authority
Secretary,Department of Public Works and Highways
Mayor, Marikina City 1992-2001


We are supporters of Bayani Fernando and we anticipate that this Wikipedia entry will become very dominant as the election closes in. We request fair play among all other supporters from other candidates. Let us not edit each other out to float our bet. Say factually your point and we will say factually our point. Bayani Fernando is right now an underdog despite the fact that so many Filipinos would want him to run for President. He has not decided yet whethet to run or not. If you want, please join us to convince him. Bayani Fernando - Mar Roxas is a good tandem specially the fact that Bayani Fernando's father, Mayor Gil Fernando is the founder of the Liberal Party of Marikina so Bayani Fernando has a soft spot on the Liberals. Lets be gentlemen enough not to edit each other out because who knows , we might end up in the same ticket in year 2010... Philippine politics being so fluid. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 07:48, 27 November 2007 (UTC)

Bayani Fernando for President is indeed snowballing. But a team up between BF and Roxas is very unlikely because BF is a loyal Party National Officer of Lakas - NUCD. He is also one of the few original members of Lakas NUCD who thru times flowered into a national leadership. He is a home grown Lakas officer, so to speak, and that is why FVR is very much behind him, for sentimental reason. In fact, he is the best bet of Lakas today, because according to Dir. Melvin Mitra of Malacanang, VP Noli de Castro is more inclined to join KAMPI.Lakas is the party of FVR and KAMPI is the party of GMA. Bayani Fernando has captured the imaginations of the Filipinos and he is not a traditional politician. Besides, he is also rich, with his company having been one of the top contractors of the country for so many years up to now, so, campaign fund is not his problem. He is unique type of public servant who became rich thru his honest to goodness and above board businesses, unlike some presidential aspirants who are very rich but does not have a business of their own. (Where did they get the money?). You will be surprise that Bayani Fernando has a track record, not only image, but a real track record, of pro poor projects, including giving homes to thousands of squatters when he was the mayor of Marikina and providing employment to thousand of jobless Filipinos. He is a real masa, a masa in real life. Unlike Erap who is only masa during photo ops and campaign sorties, but inside his cirlce, he is sorrounded by elites, beautiful girls and wheeler dealers.In fact, Erap was found guilty making money from the pension of ordinary workers in SSS in connivance with the rich (a reverse Robin Hood, you may say). Bayani Fernando, even in his house and in his office is sorrounded by masa or middle class professionals.. even in social gatherings, he is comfortable in a company of the masa and hard working middle class. Remember, he is a construction boy, so he knows how to deal with the "piyons". When Bayani Fernando said,"tignan nyo tong mukha ko, wala pa akong pinapatay... " True, he has never been involved in politics of violence. His politics is politics of pro poor public service, excellence and good taste. Water seeks its own level and Bayani Fernando has arrived.There is hope for the Philippines now. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 13:52, 27 November 2007 (UTC)

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